What Percentage Of Your Patients Have An Rx Adherence Rate Of 90%+

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JAeMM is continuing to play an important role in Pharmaceutical Retail helping patients learn about health issues and the importance of prescription adherence, all the while helping pharmacists build patient loyalty.  

Pharma In Pharma Retail, Velocity delivers:
  • More visits per store per month.
  • Increase spend per visit.
  • Increase prescription compliance.
  • Increase brand compliance.
  • Build stronger pharmacist-patient relationships.







JAeMM delivers acclaimed Dispensary acceleration initiatives for patient-facing programs via an enterprise Pharma Velocity platform and marketing management applications, purpose built for Pharma Retail.
 Pharma Velocity allows for the remote delivery, management, measurement and analysis of highly focused, situational specific patient management, treatment program and exception management activities – minimizing dispensary disruption and cost, whilst helping to optimize results.

For all organizations wanting to improve patient satisfaction and offer “sticky” patient services, loyalty and sales, JAeMM provides a game-changing approach to performance acceleration and patient management – Dispensary “Performance As A Service”, which accelerates patient activities in the dispensary and across the store.

Pharmacy professionals within high volume retail or patient facing organizations are acutely focused on a number of key issues:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of operational leadership
  • Driving adherence to proven treatments and business models
  • Maximizing “yield” and patient satisfaction from every patient or client interaction
  • Sustaining store or branch results with minimal operational effort
  • Focusing on dispensary or retail execution
  • Quickly adapting to changing business conditions
  • Minimizing the productive time lost through training


JAeMM delivers Pharma Velocity an enterprise patient/client management platform that has been proven to accelerate and sustain results with minimal impact on Dispensary professionals and support resources.

JAeMM’s reputation has been built on the high quality and impact of customer programs. Velocity leverages multi channel, one-to-one capabilities to enhance the capability and results of health professionals and their frontline staff.

Pharma Velocity offers predictable outcomes through a mechanism that is fully adaptive to the nuances of your dispensary/sales/service environment.

To find out more about the results achievable through Pharma Velocity contact us.


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